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Celebrate the Arts With Cider House

Art is such an important part of our culture and provides a needed respite from the craziness of our world; globally or individually, allowing us to escape and regroup in our everyday lives. Art helps us to reconnect and realign to our inner spirit and our soul.

One of the core principles of Cider House is our belief in celebrating and supporting the Arts. The spirit in which we do our design work is one representation of that, but another is our joining in on the community celebration of art by being a venue in Easthampton’s Art Walk. So for 2 years, at each Art Walk (the second Saturday of every month), we used to honor a different artist by throwing an artist’s reception for him or her and invite the public in to celebrate with us and view the artist’s works of art. Their artwork would hang on our walls in  for a full month up until the next month’s Art Walk.

But in April of 2018 an opportunity came up that we couldn’t resist. The Nash Gallery space on Cottage Street in Easthampton became available, so we jumped on it. Our gallery space is called #LOCAL ~ A Gallery with a Twist. We celebrate local artists and artisans with a new theme every month. We’ve built movable walls that help to transform each show into something new and different every time.

Join us at #LOCAL for our various monthly events and help us to celebrate the arts in a myriad of different shapes and forms. And most of all, we find art gives us a chance to perhaps reconnect with something that’s much bigger than us all.

Now Art Walk starts at 40 Cottage Street every month!

Check out the #LOCAL scene at our gallery website !

Enjoy some pictures of our past Art Walk Artist Openings at Cider House

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