Tom KlitusProducer/Director/Editor

    Tom is our Producer/Director/Editor of moving pictures here at Cider House!

    With his comfortable style and wide experience with video production, Tom is the guy you want on a shoot. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Tom has a degree in history from The American University in Washington, DC. He stayed in the area and worked for 12 years creating training and education videos for the Federal Courts before moving to Western Mass.

    Tom has hands-on experience in all aspects of video production: camerawork, audio, graphic design, scripting, casting, lighting, directing, and editing. Tom also trains other video professionals in these areas. His career highlights include directing a CINE Golden Eagle award-winning video for court interpreters and directing a 23-hour oral history with the late Supreme Court Justice Harold Blackmun.

    When Tom isn’t working or producing his own documentaries, he can usually be found playing board games with his family or doing genealogy research.

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