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Custom WordPress Websites for Local Businesses

You know you’re a local business when you run into your customers in the grocery store.

Or the hardware store, PTA meeting or the summer concert in the park. You’re part of your community and your customers are looking for you online right now.

Your new WordPress website from Cider House will help them find you.

Your Local Business

If you serve your local community in your office or theirs, you’re a local business.

You’re the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker; the florist, the dentist, and the trusted accountant. You might sell them swimming pool services, cabinets, coffee, or cut their hair.

But most of all, you add character to their lives and you’re essential to your community.

Your Local Business Website

If you serve the local community, you’re an expert at building relationships with the folks you serve. It’s the core of growing your business. It’s about shaking your customers’ hands or knowing their favorite dessert or how they like their coffee.

But the fact is that not everyone knows you. That’s where your new website comes in. It should welcome new customers and introduce them to you and how awesome you are. We want them to come to your site and feel right at home. It needs to tell your story.

Your website needs to be simple and easy to use, and it has to work on any device (iPhone, tablet, Android).

It must be beautiful.

And remember, even though you’re a part of a community, you still have competitors; maybe right in your neighborhood. A custom website from Cider House will help you stand out from the crowd.

Your new website built by Cider House will change the way your customers see you.

We'll guide you through our simple process to help your business get the website it deserves.


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