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We want Google to love you. But for that to happen the content on your site needs to be fresh with great SEO and relevant so that Google will sit up and take notice.

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The days of static websites are a thing of the past. Nowadays it’s super important to keep your site fresh with great content management and with good search engine optimization – SEO. Plus it needs to be up-to-date, not just for Google, but for your clients and potential customers too.

Your business credibility is on the line every time someone lands on your site. Having dated content will turn them off and they’ll be gone in a click.

What Could Happen

There’s a chance you may love to write, but don’t have the time. Or you have the time to write, but not to publish the blog post on your site. Or you just may not like to write at all! Whatever the reason, this will directly have a negative effect on your business. If people come to your site and see old posts or they see an old company location, they’ll just think that you’re out of business.

That would be very bad. ☹

What Could Also Happen

Google won’t be all that thrilled with you either. Google “crawls” through the web analyzing and indexing new and updated information. If you don’t do any updating or posting of new content, there won’t be anything new for Google to “crawl” through and index. It will then drop you down on the list of relevant subjects, and your rankings will suffer. So will your traffic volume.

That would also be very bad. ☹

How We Can Help

We want only good things for you! We recognize that you need to be seen as a reliable source for your clients and that your site also needs to be up-to-date for Google. Whatever your content, we’ll keep it fresh, simple, and on-message to keep everyone happy! Every word on your site will reflect your voice and your personal brand too.

Here are some of the things we can do, even if we haven’t built your website:

  • Write blog posts/articles with great search engine optimization
  • Post blog posts/articles that you have written with images and make sure they are SEO fortified
  • Update old pages
  • Add a new service
  • Add descriptions and new products to your store
  • Whatever else you can think of!



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