Graphic Design

Visuals That Catch Their Attention

Powerful Creative Says It All

We know there’s more to you and your business than meets the eye, but stunning visuals will catch your potential clients’ attention. Our graphic designs will engage them and propel them to action. Sometimes just getting them to walk through the door is the hardest part.

We’ll make sure they like what they see at first glance.


At Cider House, we don’t just build custom, beautiful, dynamic websites for small businesses. We create custom, beautiful, dynamic graphic designs for small businesses too, working with you to create logos, marketing collateral and advertising in addition to your web design. Your business has a personality and a life of its own that needs to be captured in unique visuals and shared with the world.

Your company will be seen in a way like no other. 

Design is Thinking Made Visible ~ Saul Bass

How We Do It

We keep things simple, smart and striking. We take the time to get to know you and your vision for your business and your target market. The foundation of everything we do is creative thinking and understanding your customer. Only by getting to know your whole business can we develop graphic designs that bring it all together. We’ll create with your customer’s response in mind. We communicate your message in an imaginative and effective way so they get the message and they get you.

Once we get their attention, you can take it from there.

The Proof Is In the Design

Visual Is Memorable


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