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The Power of Words

Words are powerful. They can make someone laugh or smile. Or used harshly can turn a friend into an enemy. But the right words said to yourself can make all the difference in your moment, in your day, and in your life.¬†It’s for that very reason that we love to post words on our marquee sign that stands tall in front of our office.

It all began as just a cool thing that we liked to do. But then the comments began rolling in: “We love your sign.” “We love your sayings.” “That message that you put up on your sign last week totally changed the way I was looking at things”. In fact, someone once said that they thought it was the City of Easthampton’s sign and was used to greet people as they arrived! But the best comments are these: “Thank you.” “Thank you for what you do.”

We don’t do the work we do simply because we love it (although that’s a big part of it). We do it to affect people so that they’ll buy a product or use a service that¬†touches their lives in a small or big way.

If our sign can do that same thing, then once a week we’ll tirelessly climb up our ladder to share another thought. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, windy, snowing, sweltering hot or below zero. If it touches just one person, our mission is complete. Without that, what’s the sense at all?

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