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Custom WordPress Websites for Local Businesses

You know you’re a local business when you run into your customers in the grocery store.

Or the hardware store, PTA meeting or the summer concert in the park. You’re part of your community and your customers are looking for you online right now.

Your new WordPress website from Cider House will help them find you.

Your Local Business

If you serve your local community in your office or theirs, you’re a local business.

You’re the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker; the florist, the dentist, and the trusted accountant. You might sell them swimming pool services, cabinets, coffee, or cut their hair.

But most of all, you add character to their lives and you are essential to your community, which is exactly the reason we have created website packages especially for you.

Special Package Pricing

We believe businesses that serve their local community are the glue that hold a community together. Communities flourish when their local businesses, restaurants, galleries, shops and services flourish. Buy local means something to us. That is why we have created website packages specifically for those individuals and businesses that serve their local communities.

We understand that the marketing department is probably the same person who signs the checks, drives the trucks or serves the food. That’s why we created these packages.

We’ll build you a world class website, keep the process simple and the prices down for you.

How do you qualify? Easy. If you’re a business that serves your local community that has between 1 and 15 or so employees, you pretty much qualify. We have a few more guidelines below along with our pricing.

If you are a larger small business with 20+ employees, multiple locations, a large set of services/products, serving a regional/national/international market, you need something more than what we can provide in these packages. To see what we can do for you, go here.

Your new website built by Cider House will change the way your customers see you.

We'll guide you through our simple process to help your business get the website it deserves.


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