How to Build a Social Media Following from Scratch

How to Build a Social Media Following from Scratch

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You’ve presented your authentic self and relevant content to the world in all its beauty… now what?!

What if no one likes what you have to say?!

That’s ok!  You’ve set a strong foundation for what comes next.  

Let’s talk about who you are communicating with and how to find your online community.  


Where to Start…

Identify industry leaders.  What hashtags are they are using? Plug these keywords into a Instagram search to see what’s trending.  What conversations are happening? What concerns? Keep a list. These same hashtags will also help people find you.  Plus, media platforms will suggest your account to others users with similar interests!

Chances are, the people who are in conversation with Industry leaders might also be interested in your posts.  

Follow them! These are your people!


How to Build Your Community:

Now it’s time to become an active member of your online community.  This means engaging with content (your own and others’). Building an online network is a lot like fostering real friendships.  Try being a good neighbor. Like, comment, share, discuss, blog. Engage with your follower’s posts, don’t just like their comments.  Share what other people are doing.  Start conversations about things that are not related to sales and marketing.  If someone likes your page, do like them back. It’s about building rapport. Simply put, care about your followers and the user experience of your brand.

Good Neighbor Posting Practices

Here are some good practices to follow for posting content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn:

  • Keep your community engaged with daily posts; if you’ve done it right, your followers grow to care about what’s going on in your life right now
  • Build trust through routine and branding.  Communicate what you will be doing if you expect you won’t be engaging for a few days.
  • Be considerate.  Spamming social media is at least as bad as being absent.  Generally, for Facebook, overposting is considered more than one post a day.  For Instagram, no more than three is socially acceptable.
  • Spell check your posts/blogs, Google gives your blog a score for readability.  Spelling errors make your visibility go down.

Take It To The Streets:

If you still struggle with engagement, try building your network closer to home first, even offline(!).  Many established networks were built from real-world communities.  They started networking with people they knew and then broadened their reach from there.  Ask yourself who your ideal user is. If they are regional, try getting offline and meeting them.  Attend a local chamber of commerce meeting.  “Friend” and “follow” the people you meet. Knowing the person behind the hashtag goes a long way toward real brand buy-in.  (There’s more that involves Google Analytics, business accounts and ad-buys, but we will save that for next time!)

We’re Here to Help!

How often have you actually posted lately?  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help!  Cider House Media caters to passionate small business owners and community leaders.  Check out our entry-level social media management packages!


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