A Message About Current Events

On behalf of the whole team at Cider House, we want you to know that we’re doing everything that we can to best serve our clients while keeping our employees and community safe and healthy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We’re open for business, but we’re working remotely from our homes.

As we settle into our new work scenarios, we are witnessing a coming together of community unlike we’ve ever seen before. While we can all see the upheaval and change along with the sickness and worry, we are also seeing a togetherness of outstanding proportions. It’s palpable. The spirit of this togetherness is seen in the motto that has arisen as the overarching principle of this extraordinary and bizarre time: We’re all in this together.

We send our well wishes to all of those battling the disease whether through self-quarantine, as a hospital patient, a family caretaker or a healthcare worker on the front lines.

But we also don’t want to forget those that we know that live alone. Reach out via a phone call, or better yet a Google Hangout, a Zoom or Skype video call, or FaceTime. It could make all the difference. Our team has decided to have impromptu video chats with one another just to stay in touch and to keep ourselves sane in this rather insane time. Solitude can take its own toll. Who can you call or video chat with that just may need to see your smile or hear you tell a joke or just to vent and cry with? This pandemic effects us all. Not one of us on this earth can escape its powerful reach.

The enormity of this malaise is beyond anything that we can truly comprehend. Its effects will be life-changing on many different levels, but not all for the bad. We’re going to come out of this stronger; more tight-knit and connected than ever before. This adversity is bringing out the best in us.

We love what we do at Cider House. Helping our clients rise to the top of their industry brings us pride and joy. But what we also love is touching our community – however that may look. So whatever you may need, we’re here for you. Give us a call, send us an email or find us on Facebook. Then, when the coast is clear, you’re all invited over to our House for a delicious glass of cider, shoulder to shoulder. Not six feet apart! ; -)

Yes, we are all in this together.

From our house to yours,
Elizabeth and Lennie Appelquist

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