15 Web Design Trends We’re Watching in 2022

Welcome to 2022 and the 15 web design trends that we’ll be watching this year.

Peace Out 2021 and Hello 2022…

The Web Design Trends

The world of web design is constantly evolving, and as technology continues to advance, designers have more tools at their disposal to create truly captivating and distinctive websites. In this post, we’ll be exploring the 15 most exciting web design trends set to make a splash in 2022. From bold and playful illustrations to monochromatic color palettes and innovative scrolling techniques, these trends offer a wealth of inspiration and opportunities to help you take your website to the next level.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, these trends are sure to spark your creativity and help you create a website that truly represents your brand. So, let’s dive in and see what’s in store for the world of web design in 2022!

1. Bold Color

Subtle colors have always been a popular choice for web design due to their beauty, simplicity, and timelessness. However, in 2022, bold colors are taking center stage as a new trend in web design. Despite their reputation for being overpowering, when used thoughtfully, bold colors can bring a new level of excitement to a website.

One effective way to incorporate bold colors is to use them in headers, buttons, and as pull-out text. It’s important to keep the rest of the colors on the page relatively subtle and less saturated to balance out the boldness. Adhering to a consistent color family is crucial in preventing the website from becoming too chaotic. The use of simple whites, blacks, and grays can also help tone down the brightness and saturation, creating a harmonious color palette. For example, the combination of bright orange and gray has been found to be particularly effective.

It’s important to note that using bold colors on a website requires careful planning to ensure that there are no clashing colors. However, when done correctly, bold colors can bring a new level of captivation and memorability to a website, making it stand out among others.

Examples: 1. Codegoda 2. Coloured Lines 3. Flux Academy 4. Van Gogh Museum

2. Big, Bold Fonts

Big, bold fonts are known for their fun, expressive, and eye-catching qualities. In 2022, this trend is taking over web design, offering designers the opportunity to experiment with large text. In the past, bold fonts were primarily used in print products, but they are now making their way into web design.

Using big, bold fonts in headers or on pages provides a unique opportunity to introduce a company or brand without the need for images. The typography itself becomes the imagery, with the shapes of the letters and the colors used creating endless possibilities.

In addition to being expressive, big and bold fonts are also great for breaking up blocks of text. Titles, subtitles, and quotes can be made to stand out, making long descriptions much more engaging for readers.

Overall, using text as imagery is poised to be a thrilling web design trend for 2022, offering designers a fun and innovative way to bring their projects to life.

Examples: 1. Spline 2. BOOST 3. Molly Dooker Wines 4. Beats by Dre

3. Movement

When it comes to starting a new website project, we often hear requests for incorporating movement into the design. And it’s no wonder why! Movement is attention-grabbing and adds a touch of sophistication to a site, making it a popular choice for organizations undergoing a website redesign.

While movement can be a powerful tool in web design, it’s essential to remember that not all types of movement are suitable for every site. It’s always a good rule to use a bit of caution and avoid overloading a design with too many moving elements. Too much movement can cause discomfort for users and detract from the overall website experience. The goal is to create visually appealing and engaging designs, not ones that cause motion sickness.

There are several types of movement to choose from, each with its unique benefits and limitations. Some of the most commonly used types of movement in web design include Hover Effects, Video Backgrounds, Transitions, and Parallaxing. The kind of movement that works best for a particular website will depend on the goals of the site and the tone of the brand being represented.

Examples (clockwise from top left) 1. Drink Cann 2. Jess & Russ 3. Okalpha 4. Dockyard Social

4. Website Load Time and Page Speed

Website load time and page speed are crucial factors in creating a positive user experience on your website. We all love how how fast food restaurants deliver our food quickly, that’s why it’s called “fast food,” When we go into McDonalds, we expect “Fast.” The same is true for your website. A fast-loading website can lead to increased user engagement and a much better user experience. On the other hand, a slow-loading website often leads to frustration and causes users to lose interest or even think there is something wrong with the website. In 2022, noone has the patience to wait for your slow website to load.

Optimizing images for the web is essential. Image optimization involves reducing file size without sacrificing image quality. Large images can significantly impact website load time.

To guarantee a speedy load time for your website, it’s crucial to keep track of and improve its page speed performance. Various tools are available to help you with this, including GTMetrix, Google Pagespeed, and Pingdom. These tools can provide detailed insights into the factors affecting your website’s page speed, such as large images, slow-loading scripts, and other performance bottlenecks.

Investing in website load time and page speed optimization is essential for delivering an optimal user experience on your website. Using tools like GTMetrix, Google Pagespeed, and Pingdom, you can monitor and optimize your website’s performance to ensure that it loads quickly and smoothly for your users.

5. Text-Only Hero Images

When you visit a website, the first thing you usually see is a combination of text and images. But what if we shake things up in 2022 with text-only hero images? This trend is a fun and exciting departure from the norm, and it’s especially thrilling for those who love typography.

Typography is often overlooked in web design, but with this trend emerging in 2022, we hope people will start seeing the power of font choices for their brands. By using nothing but big, bold letters on your hero or header image, you can create a memorable and eye-catching introduction to your site. Fonts are a form of imagery, too, after all.

Text-only hero images provide a modern and minimalistic look that can make your website stand out. They give you a chance to make a statement with your brand messaging from the get-go, and they’re a great way to showcase the personality and style of your brand.

Creating text-only hero images for your website design requires careful thought and planning. It’s important to choose the right font style and size to convey your message effectively and ensure the text is easy to read and legible on different devices.

In summary, text-only hero images are a fresh and unique twist on website design that can help your website shine. By choosing the right typography for your hero image, you can create a memorable introduction for your site that truly represents your brand.


Examples (clockwise from top left): 1. Bloomers 2. Epika 3. Buck 4. Demo Festival

6. Vintage-Inspired Colors and Typography

Are you a fan of all things vintage? Get ready because vintage colors and typography are making a comeback in 2022 web design! This trend is a nod to the days before computers and graphic design software when everything was created by hand.

Incorporating vintage colors into your website design is a great way to blend classic and modern elements, creating a unique and memorable brand identity. The rise of vintage colors and typography in web design is especially exciting because it offers a refreshing change from the minimalist trend that has been dominant in recent years.

Inspired by the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, this trend brings a touch of nostalgia to your website design. The use of retro colors and typography can evoke a sense of warmth and familiarity, creating an inviting atmosphere for your website visitors.

When incorporating vintage colors and typography into your website, it’s essential to strike a balance between vintage and modern elements. Too much vintage styling can be overwhelming, so it’s best to use it in moderation.

In conclusion, vintage colors and typography are a fun and nostalgic way to add personality and character to your brand in 2022. By blending elements of the past with modern design, you can create a unique and memorable website that stands out from the crowd.

Examples (clockwise from top left) 1. Made by Nacho  2. Anderson Supply 3. Artus 4. Original Territory

7. Full-Height Homepage Hero

Introducing your company in a memorable and impactful way is vital to creating a successful website, and the full-height homepage hero can help you achieve just that! This classic design trend is making a comeback in 2022 and provides a unique opportunity to showcase your brand.

Whether you choose to add movement to an image in the background or incorporate a pop of color, a full-height homepage hero immediately immerses your visitors into what your site is all about. This design element sets the tone for the rest of your website and gives your visitors a clear understanding of your brand’s personality and values.

When using a full-height homepage hero, keeping the user experience in mind is important. The hero section should be visually appealing and easy to understand, with a clear call to action for your visitors.

The full-height homepage hero is a timeless design trend that offers a fun and bold way to introduce your company and make a lasting first impression on your website’s visitors. So why not try it and see how it can enhance your website’s overall design?

Examples (clockwise from top left) 1. Packwire  2. Around the World in 12 Dishes 3. Marcher Markholt  4. Coca-Cola

8. Illustrations

Illustrations can add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your website in 2022. They can be used to replace conventional images and icons or serve as decorative elements on the site. Illustrations come in various forms, from 2D to 3D, and can be either static or animated, making them a flexible option for your design needs.

Working with a talented illustrator or animator is a great way to ensure that the illustrations created for your website are tailored to your brand and truly one-of-a-kind.

It’s important to maintain consistency when incorporating illustrations into your website. If your logo is illustrated, the icons on your site should also have a similar style and aesthetic. Keeping a consistent look and feel throughout your brand will help to reinforce your brand identity and create a cohesive design.

Illustrations can bring a fun and unique aspect to your website design in 2022. By working with a skilled professional and maintaining consistency with your brand, you can use illustrations to elevate the overall look and feel of your website.

Examples (clockwise from top left) 1. Pitch 2. Denise Chandler 3. Upsly 4. Design Calendar

9. Interactivity

Interactivity is a fascinating way to engage your audience in 2022 and make your website more dynamic. From simple elements like buttons that interact with scrolling, to the integration of music or scrolly-telling – which reads text out loud as the user scrolls down the page – these features can add a new level of excitement and interest to your site.

As technology continues to advance, the possibilities for incorporating interactivity into website design are endless. From interactive stories and games to innovative navigation systems, there is so much potential for designers to explore and create new, captivating user experiences.

Incorporating interactivity into your website can set it apart from the competition and provide a more memorable and enjoyable experience for your users. Whether you choose to implement subtle interactions or bold, immersive experiences, incorporating interactivity into your website design can bring a new level of excitement to your site and keep your audience engaged.

Examples (clockwise from top left) 1. Amplifon 2. Musique Emergente 3. Cervejas – Trindade 4. Cyclemon

10. Dark Mode for Your Website

In 2022, the use of dark mode in web design is a growing trend gaining popularity. This design style features a low-light interface with a primarily black or gray background.

Dark mode is not a new concept and has been around for many years, initially used in the first computers to help coders reduce eye fatigue from long hours spent staring at screens. With people spending more time on their mobile and desktop devices, dark mode has become a popular option for web design.

One of the main benefits of using dark mode is that it makes visual elements on your website stand out and allows users to focus more easily on specific images or calls to action. This design style is often associated with power and elegance, making it ideal for minimalist designs.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that dark mode can make reading large amounts of text more difficult. If your website contains a lot of text, it may be better to opt for a lighter color scheme.

Examples (clockwise from top left) 1. Spotify 2. SNL 3. Apple AirPods Pro 4. Urbanized Bikes

11. Monochromatic Website Design

Monochromatic web design is a stylish and captivating trend poised to make a big impact in 2022. Monochromatic design uses a single bold or muted color in different tones to create a visually striking website. This design style can help us focus on the product, person, or company featured on a website, drawing our full attention to it.

This approach to web design can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and make a unique impression. Brands with a strong visual identity and bold color palette are well-suited to this design style, as it allows them to showcase their brand in bold and distinctive ways.

Another aspect of monochromatic design is that we can pair it with retro color schemes to create a unique and memorable web design. The monochromatic feel of retro colors can provide a cool, vintage vibe that can be eye-catching and engaging for website visitors.

In short, monochromatic web design is a trend worth exploring for those looking to create a memorable and visually striking website in 2022.

Examples (clockwise from top left) 1. Play Dot To 2. Bureau Of Works 3. Dillinger 4. Bad Boys

12. Non-Traditional Scrolling: Breaking the Mold in 2022

Web design is constantly evolving and exploring new ways to engage users. One trend gaining popularity in 2022 is non-traditional scrolling, which includes scrolling in directions other than just up and down. Horizontal scrolling, in particular, can add a new and unexpected element to your website design.

Horizontal scrolling offers a unique experience for visitors, allowing them to explore your site in a new and exciting way. You can create a more dynamic and engaging user experience by breaking away from the typical vertical scrolling format.

It’s important to note that while non-traditional scrolling can be a great addition to your website, it should be used judiciously. Too much horizontal scrolling can become overwhelming and disorienting for users, so finding the right balance is important.

Examples: 1. Emma Lewisham 2. Nicole Fuller Interiors 3. Tech Art 4. Bertani

13. Gradients

Gradients are a versatile and playful design element that has continued to trend into 2022. From icons to page backgrounds and button colors, gradients can add a fun and vibrant touch to your website design.

When incorporating gradients into your website design, it’s essential to make sure they align with your brand and that you use them in moderation. Overuse of gradients can quickly become overwhelming and detract from the overall design of your site.

It’s also important to choose gradients that complement one another and work together harmoniously. By using gradients thoughtfully and intentionally, you can create a website that is visually engaging and on-trend with the latest design trends.

Examples (clockwise from top left) 1. Sandland 2. Sketch 3. Waltz Creative 4. Sicilia

14. Contemporary Serif Style Fonts

Serif fonts are making a comeback in the world of web design, and it’s exciting to see updates to these classic styles giving them a more contemporary look. Serif fonts bring a unique and dynamic element to your branding and website design. They can be bold, thick, curly, and creative, making them a fun and playful way to switch up your typography.

In 2022, typography is taking center stage and being celebrated for its beauty and versatility. Using serif fonts in a larger, bolder way makes images secondary, allowing the typography to shine. Whether you’re a font enthusiast or just looking for a fresh, new look for your website, incorporating contemporary serif fonts into your design will make a statement.

Here are a couple fonts I like from Envato Elements: Westlake by Din Studio & Bagator by StringLabs


Here are a few examples of Contemporary Fonts on Websites: 1. Ancient Peaks 2. Rally Interactive  3. Emergence

15. Detailed Footers: The Perfect Wrap-Up to Your Webpage


A well-designed footer can drive your message home and make a lasting impression on visitors. In 2022, we see a trend toward detailed footers that bring an extra level of interaction and connection with the audience. 

Here are some of the elements that can make up a detailed footer on a website:

  • Contact information: This can include the company’s address, phone number, and email address, making it easy for visitors to get in touch with the brand.
  • Social media links: Adding links to the company’s social media profiles can help visitors stay connected with the brand and engage with its content.
  • Navigation links: A footer can include important navigation links, such as About Us, Services, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact pages, making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.
  • Newsletter sign-up: A footer is a great place to include a newsletter sign-up form, helping visitors stay up-to-date with the latest news and content from the brand.
  • Legal information: This can include Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Copyright information, helping visitors understand the policies and procedures of the brand.
  • Recent blog posts: A footer can showcase the company’s recent blog posts, keeping visitors engaged and informed about the brand’s latest content.
  • Testimonials: A footer can include testimonials from satisfied customers, helping to build trust and credibility with visitors.
  • Partners and affiliates: Including logos of partners and affiliates can help establish credibility and provide additional resources for visitors.
  • Copyright information: The footer is a common place to display the copyright information for the website, protecting the brand’s intellectual property.

A well-designed footer can be valuable for engaging visitors, providing important information, and driving conversions. A detailed footer can enhance the user experience and provide helpful information to visitors. A footer can serve as a comprehensive resource by including essential elements such as contact information, social media links, navigation links, newsletter sign-up form, legal information, recent blog posts, testimonials, partners and affiliates, and copyright information for visitors. It can also help establish credibility and build trust with your audience.


Examples: 1) Lunchbox 2) Plus 3) Wild Souls 4) EASOL


Wrapping Up the Web Design Trends of 2022

Your website is a reflection of your brand, so you want it to stand out and make a good impression.

By incorporating the latest trends, such as text-only hero images, vintage-inspired typography and colors, full-height homepage hero sections, and detailed footers, you can elevate your website and create a memorable and engaging experience for your visitors. Whether you are looking to refresh your existing site or build a new one, there are endless opportunities to make your website represent your brand.

So, embrace these trends and have fun exploring the creative possibilities of web design in 2022. Remember, your website is your virtual storefront and a key component of your brand’s online presence. By staying up-to-date on the latest web design trends, you can make a lasting impression on your visitors and help your brand stand out from the rest.


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