An Unprecedented Time

We are living through historic times and adjusting to new norms that are having their effects on each of us in so many different ways. We at Cider House are taking all precautionary measures we can and our Team is working from our homes remotely at least until May 18th.

Most importantly we want to send our thoughts and well wishes to those who are sick and to those caretakers and healthcare workers who are working on the front lines to battle this unprecedented pandemic. It is so important that we take care of ourselves, our families and our people in our local communities.

They need you!

Let’s also remember those that we know that may live alone. Reach out via a Google Hangout, a Zoom video call, or FaceTime. It could make all the difference. We’ve decided to have impromptu team video chats with one another just to stay in touch and to keep ourselves sane in this rather insane time. We need more than just the 2D email or a Slack or Skype chat. We need to have that face-to-face connection to combat any feelings of isolation that may be coming up.

To all our clients, friends and community members: we are around and eager to help you in any way we can. We’re looking forward to the day we can all sit down and enjoy a nice cup of cider together – in the same room and NOT six feet apart! 🙂

We're All In This Together

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