We are blessed to have a fabulous old marquis-style sign in front of our office. When we moved into our space 6 years ago, we never imagined the unique way that it would allow us to communicate with the public. The messages we post almost seem, dare I say, magical. Not in a sense of unicorns and rainbows, but we’ve learned from individuals’ feedback over the years that the words themselves touch each person who sees them in a different way, often stirring something deep within. Many people have sent cards, emailed, or have even walked in to share their gratitude. We feel so grateful that we can help in this remarkable and unique way.

This year we’ve put some strategic planning behind each quote, varying on a theme. We began 2021 with some of our favorite “newness” quotes for the obvious reason of it being the beginning of a new year, but also because new beginnings are something that we humans are almost always happy about. The word “new” holds much promise and excitement. Our step is springier, our smiles bigger and our outlooks are rosier. We often plunge in with great fervor and determination, eager to move on from what may have become old and stale in our lives. We’re eager for a change.

But maybe we find that we’ve plunged in too fast into the deep end. Or maybe in our excitement we set goals that weren’t realistic enough. Slowly we tired out and lost sight of the light on the horizon. These patterns aren’t unusual for us to follow or fall into. It’s the human thing to do.

So in the spirit of celebrating your humanhood, we shared the quote, “You didn’t come this far to just come this far”. And then our latest quote: “Don’t give up”.

Our hope is that “Don’t Give Up” will help you to stop and remember what you’ve been gunning for or the cause you’ve been giving your all to, or the personal battles you’ve gone through in your pursuit. This is the time to do whatever you can to recharge and regain your perspective (or discover a new one). Take a break, go for a walk, watch crazy cat videos or just take a breath and think back to what started your journey to your goal to begin with. I don’t mean to make light of your task. It takes strength and often courage. But we get it. Trust me. We’re right there with you. The sign speaks loud and clear to us too…

Don’t give up. Just keep going.
You’re almost there.

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