Lennie AppelquistPresident/Creative Director

Lennie is the President and Creative Director for Cider House. He’s a talented, self-taught designer and developer, and works best between the hours of 8pm and midnight. He cares about getting things just right and delivering more than what you’ve paid for.

Also, he can sell almost anything to almost anyone. But only because he truly believes that your life will be better if you have it.

Lennie has 25 years experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world. He is a member of the Director’s Guild of America, and he was probably an Assistant Director on one of your favorite movies, music videos or commercials.

In his career, his companies have created and launched nearly 200 websites, produced video content, implemented marketing campaigns, and managed social media for professional athletes, professional speakers, large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, doctors and more.

Lennie relocated to the Pioneer Valley in 2013. He and his wife Elizabeth opened the doors of Cider House Media in the fall of 2015. Together they are the driving force behind all that we call Cider House.

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