Elizabeth AppelquistVice President/COO
Elizabeth Appelquist has lived many lives and forged multiple exciting career paths. After traveling the globe for many years, experiencing a variety of different cultures and working with people from all corners of the world, she’s right back where she grew up, in Easthampton, MA.  

As our VP and COO, we count on Elizabeth for all client and financial management, along with the daily operations of Cider House Media. But that’s not all. She’s also in charge of team morale, post-it-note appreciation spreading and abundance gathering.
She loves coming to work every day and makes sure we love it too.

After a stint at Colby College in Maine, Elizabeth left school to try her hand at modeling in Boston. After a few years of photo shoots and fashion shows, Elizabeth sold real estate in Maine, worked in theater productions, commercials, and television shows in Florida (including the famed Miami Vice), and founded an international training company that brought Africans to the US for training that they brought back to their native countries.

Really, we could go on.

Elizabeth brings an impressive collection of talents to Cider House; including creative vision,  sharp managerial skills and an uncanny ability to connect with clients on a level unmatched in the industry. She’s fabulous, and she’s all ours.

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