If you’re in the throes of thinking about how to present yourself to the world online, you might be asking yourself that very question about typography. “Why should I care how typeface looks on my website? It’s just a bunch of letters that form words. Why spend all kinds of time thinking about what font should be part of my brand?”

Those are all really good questions and ones that we hear a lot. As the world moves into the digital age where more and more people spend their time surfing the net, the way things look online is dramatically changing. Because of that, aesthetics is now taking a front row seat as one of the more important things to consider in a business’s marketing plan. One of the elements to consider is typography and how it’s used.

Good typography helps affect the impact of your message.

Combined with great headlines and design, typography touches the reader on a very subtle level. The right typography can do wonders for your presentation. The wrong typography can make your brand look unprofessional and thoughtless; whether it be on your website, your brochures, your business cards, or on the sign in front of your door.

Here at Cider House, we like interesting, exciting, dynamic and, sometimes, provocative typography. Typography that speaks when you can’t. Typography that shows the world what an awesome business owner you are. Typography that screams “I know what I’m all about!” It’s a very important piece of the overall branding puzzle that should never be overlooked or diminished.

Over the next handful of months, we’re going to share with you our fav picks of typography and why we say it is so. Remember: it’s the subtleties of typography that can get you noticed – if they’re handled in the right way. And that’s the only way to be.

Let’s talk typography!

It's all part of our bigger plan to get you noticed

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